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Google & CalDAV

I think this is really quite important, though it sounds pretty technical and geeky at present. Google Calendars now support the CalDAV protocol. (So, incidentally, do Calgoo). CalDAV is an open standard for synchronising and updating calendars, and I’ve been keeping an eye on it ever since Apple quietly announced, way, way back, that it Continue Reading

How to use Google calendars on your iPhone/iPod Touch

A key benefit of the new iPhone/iPod software release is the OS’s ability to handle the CalDAV protocol natively. Translated into something approaching normal English, this means that you can view and create entries in your Google calendars using the iPhone calendar app. (In the past you could view them if they were synced from Continue Reading


A few months back I wrote about the importance of Google’s new support for CalDav, which allows you to edit and share your Google calendars in apps such as Apple’s iCal. At Camvine, since then, we’ve been managing our company calendars that way, and it’s worked very nicely, though it took a couple of minutes Continue Reading

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